Singjai Visual Revamp

Design graphics for a better experience.

Singjai is a Hongkongese YouTube radio channel, broadcasting weekly shows on Hong Kong's current affairs, history, and culture. Their social media outlets have an opportunity for a unified brand identity and improved user experience. Above is the proposed new logo for Singjai, retaining the existing logo but lit up with neon lighting, homage to a visual relic of Hong Kong.

Singjai has the most follower interactions on YouTube, however, it lacks a brand identity. Hence, a visual language and a more transparent platform for interaction is proposed to improve Singjai’s user experience.

A part of the solution is to align its social media outlets and content with a consistent visual identity. The video thumbnails are also designed that reflect the diversity of radio shows that are hosted on the channel, that can differentiate one another easily. They follow the guideline of gradient background, show graphic with subtitle of episode.

An app concept is also designed to directly access live, or archived content. This can serve as a platform for followers to interact, and share information easier.

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