Nascent Dialogues is a material exploration to devise a composite made of two highly incompatiable materials under firing temperatures, glass and ceramic.


Prior to this I spent some time glassmaking parametrically designed objects and was fascinated by the incorporation of 3D printing and computer programs into craft practices. It allowed artists’ and craftspeople’s to create forms that previously may not be imagined by hand or preceding eqiupment. The intervention of technology has liberated the understanding of form. However, the glass I used has not moved forward with this advancement, hence a gap was identified in the materiality of the pieces I have made.


With Nascent Dialogues I attempted to reinterpret the possibilities of combining glass and ceramics by reconfiguring them into powder form. This exploration led me to discover a composite that is made of four parts of glass and one part of high fired bone china. The composite is mixed with sugars and water to create a paste to cast my pieces, akin to pate-de-verre paste, but with a ceramic twist.


The series showcases experiments of different ratios to find the optimal balance of glass and ceramics, which are encapsulated by parametrically designed forms that vaguely resemble stalagmites, to showcase a process that has tremendous potential to bolster our understanding of form and materiality.

© 2018 by Alvin Chan